Thursday, 4 May 2017

Year 1 Blog

This week in math we are still learning to tell the time and been focusing on converting analogue time into digital time. 

In creative Curriculum we have continued to learn more about Mary Anning the fossil hunter and created our own fossils to further understand how they are formed and wrote some facts about her life. We can now talk about fossils and the types of pre-historic animal fossils she found. 

In Science we are looking again at seasons but this term focusing on the changes in weather. We learned that depending where a country is situated from the invisible equator different regions have different weather patterns. We looked at the different seasons in the UK.
We then created a season weather wheel and wrote some facts about each season.
We are also sorting different category of animals from pre-historic to endangered to living.

In English we have been busy learning our tricky words from all the phases and understanding their meaning. We looked at similar tricky words like there and their and talked about each of their meanings. We played tricky word games.

In Computers we have now learned how to make power points and we created a season power point explaining each one and choosing our favourite. We will present these to the class next week. 

Here are our photos from the week enjoy

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