Thursday, 1 June 2017

Year 1 this Week

This week we have been filming ourselves making jam sandwiches as part of our 'We are TV Chefs' topic. We had lots of fun! 

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Everybody Writes Week

This week has been a busy and fun filled week!
It has been everybody writes week in our school and on Sunday we had the landing of a time machine!
We visited the Time machine and saw some artifact clues to where the time machine has been in the past! We noted that it came from the time when dinosaurs ruled the earth!

In literacy, we focused on the time of the stone age and focused our inspiration from the book by Julia Donaldson, Cave Baby.

We created and wrote facts about our very own extinct animal, like that of the woolly mammoth.
We also looked at what was in the past, what we have now and what life might be life in the future. We really enjoyed these writing activities.

In Computers we are working on instructions. We know these are important as instructions in computer language are algorithms. We now know how important it is to give the correct instructions and how to debug if we make an error. To further this lesson, we decided to write instructions on how to make a jam sandwich. We then used our ICT skills to record a video of each other making them. Watch out if you do not give the correct instructions it may become a bit of a mess!

In Maths, we are now beginning to learn multiplication in the form of multiples. Children have been focusing on counting in 2's and 10's and understanding that to count in pairs is quicker.

In Creative curriculum and science we focused on how life has evolved from living in a cave to how we live today in houses. We looked at the first artists and cave paintings and recreated some of our own cave drawings.

On Thursday we had a special dress up day to end everybody writes week. Some of the teachers dressed up as famous people from the past.
We had a great time.
here are some of our photos from the week.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Year one have had a lot of fun this week exploring different Artists.  Below are some examples of the children's very own versions.

Jackson Pollock

Henri Matisse 

They reflected on their work and gave feedback to friends -

The week ended with a delicious Bake Sale.